Tổng hợp Download & Install Fortnite On Infinix Hot 9 Play, Manage Applications

Chia sẻ Download & Install Fortnite On Infinix Hot 9 Play, Manage Applications là conpect trong nội dung hiện tại của Vũ Đê. Tham khảo nội dung để biết chi tiết nhé.

Your phone comes with some apps pre installed, and youcan download and install more.

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To open an app, swipe up from the bottom of your home screen, then touch the app to open.

Switch between recent apps

Touch to see your recently used apps.Or, if you”re using the navigation bar, drag up from the bottom of the home screen, hold, then let go.Do any of the following:Touch any app screen to return to it.Swipe left or right to see more apps.Swipe an app up to remove it from the list.To clear the list, swipe all the way right and touch Clear all.
Touch twice to switch between your two most recently used apps. (If you”re using the navigation bar, swipe


left or right.)Get apps from Google Play Store
Open the Play Store app.Browse by category or search.Touch an item to see a description, read reviews, and download it.You”ll see


in the status bar when the app has downloaded and installed successfully.
To view Play Store apps you”ve installed on this phone, touch > My apps & games. Touch LIBRARY to see apps you”ve installed on other devices using the same Google account.To prevent accidental or unwanted purchases, touch > Settings > Require authentication for purchases.

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Open the Chrome app and go to the appropriate site to download the app.If you see a warning, touch OK to continue.You”ll see


in the status bar when the download completes.Touch the download notification to install the app. Or, open the Files app to install it later.When installing the app, be sure to review what information the app will access. If you don’t want the app to access this information, cancel the installation. For example, if you”re installing an app that makes a shopping list, the app should not require access to your contacts.
Touch & hold the app”s icon.Do one of the following:Drag the icon up and drop it on


. This removes the app and frees storage space.If you don”t see a delete option, touch & hold the app icon, then touch > Disable.

Touch & hold the app icon, then touch .Do one of the following:To free up space by removing temporary files, touch Storage > Clear cache. Over time, the cache builds up again, so repeat if a problem occurs.If problems still occur, then delete all data saved in the app by touching Storage > Clear storage. Be careful – there’s no way to undo this.
Touch & hold the app icon, then touch .Touch Force stop

Note: Pre installed apps can be disabled but cannot be removed.

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To check for application updates:

Go toPlay Store >Menu>My apps & gamesAny applications that can be updated will be listed at the topYou may alsohave the option Update All, or may need to update each app individuallyUpdate all applications available

Click here for additional Google Play help.