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Cyber Hunter Season 4: Matrix Awakens is coming with cyberpunk, futuristic new skins, and a brand new game mode!

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Cyber Hunter is an open-world battle royale game featuring an unique combination of gaming elements, including survival, shooting and exploring. Any vertical surface in the Cyber Hunter world is climbable and players can glide down from high up.

Equipped with cool guns, creative weapons and vehicles that fly and float, you can explore stories of justice versus evil, old fighting new, and conservatism fending off radicalism.

Extreme Parkour Experience

Climb any Surface and Glide!

3D Space

The game is much more than a 6-by-6km arena, and can be a fascinating world where you may touch the sky and dive into the bottom of the sea, with basic features including climbing and gliding.

Vertical Battle

players can experience a vertical battle in a variety of terrains and structures. Besides, they can upgrade their capacities for vertical combat through in-game discoveries, such as finding out tactical gloves that improves climbing speed.

18 Survival Skills

Use Strategies and Tactics to Win!

Free and Fair

Players can unlock different kinds of free-for-all survival skills, as they gain experiences and level up.

Survival skills of the game include

firing, hiding, moniotring enemy, detecting enemy signal, shielding, healing, going invisible, using medpack, resurrecting, using Safety Ring, disolving items, gliding, building barricades, cars, overservation towers, or forts.

Players can dissolve a construction or an instrument in order to gain droid energy, or use a Detector drone to spy on your enemy. Players can also use a Safety Ring to protect oneself outside of the safe zone, or resurrect a teammate, providing a a combination of skills for players to survive.

Creative Guns and Destructive Weapons

Crush the Enemies in Your Own Way!

Diverse Effects

You may have a shotgun whose shots heal when they hit a teammate, or a grenade launcher that destroys buildings with high efficiency, or a frozen grenade that can freeze water. Also, when weapons in Cyber Hunter are upgraded with an Enhance Core, new powers or even new skills will be unlocked.

Stunning Vehicle Collection

Strive for a Fast and Furious Victory!

Diverse Genres

land, aquatic, and versatile + one-seated, two-seated, four-seated, and five-seated.

Amazing Usage

vehicles can do all sorts of amazing things other than the basic speeding up.

For example

Cerberus that can be transformed into a battle mecha, Windrider that can be transformed into a plane to fly over different surfaces, and Dawnbreaker that has a destroyer wheel.