Phân tích Hướng Dẫn Tự Fix Lôi Iphone Lock Ios 9.2, Hướng Dẫn Tự Fix Lỗi Iphone Lock Ios 9 Và 10

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Error message says: “iOS 9.2.1 failed verification because you are no longer connected to the internet”.

– I have storage storage available on my iCloud

-I am connected to the interne, yes I have reset the network settings

Are there any other options before I throw it against a wall?

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Older iPads are up to iOS 9.3.5 and newer iPads have moved on to iOS 11.4.1

If you still have a software update for iOS 9.2.1, then it is no longer a valid update.Bạn đang xem: Hướng dẫn tự fix lỗi iphone lock ios 9 và 10

To remove this non-valid iOS 9.2.1 update.

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Go into the Settings App, General Settings panel.

In the right hand column, tap Storage ( and iCloud Usage, if still using iOS 9 or 10 ).

At the top in the first block of 3 panels where it is titled at the top of this block Storage, tap the panel that says Manage Storage.

A list of every app will generate itself.

Once this list stops generating, look through this list until you see something like iOS 9.x.x in this list.

Tap on the light gray disclosure arrow at the far right on that iOS 9.x.x panel.

It will bring you to another screen that will allow you to completely delete/remove the entire iOS upgrade/update.

How much actual internal free data storage is left on your iPad and NOT iCloud?

Extra, external iCloud storage DOES NOT give your iPad more internal storage.

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Your iPad needs, at least a minimum data storage amount between 2-3 GBs OR GREATER to make sure there is enough storage space to download and install the upgrade/update and to maintain proper performance of your iPad.


Try the iOS Software update feature again to see if it offers the latest upgrade/update for your iPadMini.

The software update will either be iOS 9.3.5, if an older, 1st gen iPad Mini 1 ( NOT Mini 2 ) or iOS 11.4.1.

IF the Software Update feature still isn”t working, if you own a computer with the latest iTunes version on it (version 12.7 or greater ), you need to perform the iPad software upgrade/update by connecting it to the computer and using the Software Update feature found in iTunes and perform the iPad software upgrade/update from within iTunes on a computer.

Good Luck to You!


While I completely understand your frustrations with your iPad and its problems,

Next time you come to these Support Communities with a technical support problem, please be more calm, polite and courteous here.

These Support Communities are, primarily, a user to user help support community.

We are all just fellow volunteer users here, like yourself, trying to help out other product users with their product issues/problems.

Coming here and threatening to throw your device against the wall will get you very delayed, to no help in here.

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We are all here to help with product problems and try to come up with solutions not to be feeling harassed, berrated or threatened here.