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Tìm hiểu Download Cooking Fever For Android, Cooking Fever là chủ đề trong nội dung hiện tại của chúng tôi. Theo dõi bài viết để biết đầy đủ nhé.

Do you dream to become a chef at the luxury restaurants of France? You want to cook delicious food yourself but you don’t have enough material, time and money? All will not be too far away when your phone owns Cooking Fever MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems) – An addictive restaurant management game of Nordcurrent. You will have the opportunity to manage your own restaurant and cook delicious meals and desserts from around the world.

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MOD Features


Cooking Fever
Unlimited Money

Android 4.0.3

About Cooking Fever

Become a super scrumptious chef

If in Idle Coffee Corp, you get the experience of a coffee maker, then in Cooking Fever your role has changed. You will have the role of a chef to cook dishes as required by customers. You can choose one of the many unique locations from the fast food store, Oyster Bar or Asian restaurant. Become a chef with super skills in cooking techniques. There are lots of new and interesting dishes with a variety of different ingredients for you to be creative.


In addition, there will be a lot of tools in your kitchen. For example, coffee makers, toasters, popcorn machines, … All will help you make the dishes according to the customers’ requirements and let them be most satisfied. Each level will have different visitors and waiting times. In the meantime, if they meet the needs they will pay you. If not, they will leave and the food you are making will be discarded.

Build your own restaurant

Playing Cooking Fever will bring you many new experiences. In addition to being a top chef, you are also a smart restaurant manager. After cooking delicious dishes, it is important to decorate the store to attract visitors. Decorate the store in your own way like tables and chairs, floors, … So customers will love your restaurant and visit often with their friends.


When visitors arrive more crowded, it means more requests for meals. At that time, you must upgrade your kitchen and kitchen appliances to get the fastest capacity. Also, create guest gifts such as butter cookies, so your guests will have more memorable experiences. It feels like real life! The higher the level, the more restaurants you have. The high-class restaurants will be unlocked with more diverse dishes. So your restaurant chain will grow and grow.

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Attractive features of Cooking Fever

1400 Level: there are over 1400 different levels for you to complete. Great! In addition, you can replay previous levels to earn more coins.Food: a variety of dishes with more than 1300 dishes cooked with 350 ingredients. This gives you a passion for cooking!Location: Many unique places like FastFood, Bakery, Seafood, … are diverse and always updated.Reward: in-game rewards include gold and experience. You can earn by levels up or completed missions.Upgrade equipment: use gold to upgrade kitchen appliances to make dishes faster. Each item has 3 stars to upgrade and after each time the upgrade amount is higher.


The graphics of Cooking Fever are carefully cared with creating eye-catching dishes by 3D graphics. Thousands of delicious dishes are designed realistic, similar to real-life dishes. If you are planning to lose weight, I think you should not play this game.


In addition, a variety of sound effects in the kitchen, such as the sound of cooking, bring a feeling of authenticity and interest in the player. All encapsulated in 87 MB of memory, not too big.

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MOD APK version of Cooking Fever

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Cooking Fever MOD APK for Android

With attractive and very attractive features, Cooking Fever has created an unprecedented craze for a cooking game. There are millions of downloads and it gives players relaxing moments. Thereby, we see the “heat” of this seemingly simple game. If you are a lover of cooking or have an “eating” soul, this is a game you can’t miss.