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If you”ve heard of this race game and thought it sounded hot, wait until you slap it into your Genesis system and twist the throttle! Road Rash enables you to race a high tech sportbike against 15 other bikers who try to beat you to the finish and also try to beat you over the head. While you retaliate you must avoid cars, cows, cops, trees, rocks, and just about every inconvenience imaginable while cruisin” the best of California”s backroads at 140 mph.

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Hey Ho, Let”s Go

Button A is for brake, Button B is for go, and Button C is for (here”s the good part!) slap, punch, and kick. Every time you hit the road you face 14 other Road Rashers. As you try to pass by they”ll punch you in the head, kick you into a horizontal position, or, if they”re nice, just run you off the road.

Your job is to pass as many other bikers as possible. Sometimes you gotta” do a little bashin”. All the fighting is done on the bikes at full speed around corners, flat out full throttle on straights, and in mid air!! The object is not to kill the opponent. All you want to do is pass “em and move on. If you spend too much time trying to eliminate the other riders, you waste time which isn”t cool “cause you need to finish in the top four on each track to move on to the next level. Since there are five tracks in each level and five levels you”ve really got to hustle.

ProTip: Once you”re in fourth place during a race you may want to ride more cautiously and just keep an eye on your mirrors. At each level the tracks get longer and the turns get tighter. The first level is pretty easy. It”s a good place to hone your Road Rash skills.

By the time you get to the third level there are faster riders, more cars in your way, friendly officers to remind you of the penal code, and other annoyances that slow you down… it gets really tough. But wait, there”s good news!

When the roads get tight you”ll have to use the brake. Brake just before the turn and power through so you can be at full speed on the straight just after the turn.

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Keep it Simple, Stupid!

You don”t shift. You don”t get any laser cannons. You don”t fight any alien mutants on sewer cycles. You DO get a smooth scrolling motorcycle race game. It”s got really hot bikes with great detailed graphics.

The screen shows speed, tach, odometer, stamina meters, two mirrors, and a timer. You can see the action behind you and watch as the riders you race against take each other out.

You Cannot Die! You will Live Forever!

The kind folks at EA understand that life”s not easy Road Rashin” on California”s back roads. Therefore, you can”t die while you play this game. You can, however, run out of money! No matter where you finish at the end of each track you get some prize money. You can use the cash to buy better and faster bikes from the eight offered. Each bike is described on the screen with info about engine, weight, handling characteristics, and price. If you want a top of the line Diablo 1000 it”s a deal at only $25,000 (no tax!).

Unfortunately, you”re gonna” crash. If you don”t crash too much you”ll make it to the end of the track. Each crash makes your bike run a little worse and handle a little poorer. If you crash out too much and don”t finish high enough you”ll run out of money and the game is over. Boo hoo. The other way to lose money is to get busted by the cops. Out run ‘em or it could cost you a heavy fine. The good news is that, unlike real life, it”s kind of hard to run out of money.

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Stay with the first bike you get in the game for as long as possible. You can do really well on this bike. Save your cash for a really good bike ‘cause when you need it you”re really gonna”need it. When you buy a new bike read its description carefully. A big horsepower heavy bike goes faster on the straights but is harder to control in turns. Stick with the lighter bikes at first. They handle better.

Get Your Helmet, Let”s Go

Road Rash is a fun game you can play right away. After you get the hang of it you”re still challenged by the higher levels. Password saves enable you to pick up where you leave off. All the grunts and groans of heavy bashing and crashing are there along with tire squeals, police sirens, and cow moo”s. No lie. The bikes fly in mid air, jump rocks, rip around comers, and look great. If you love great race games this meets almost all of your criteria for an instantly addictive motorcycle 16-bit game with a somewhat sick twist thrown in.


It”s great! So listen up squid! Get this game! Put on your leathers and I”ll see you on the starting line. Get a good look at my face. You”ll be seein” the back of my skid lid for the next 10 miles. Loser buys breakfast at Alices! (And hey, it”s a game! Never ride like this! But you knew that.)

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