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She said how much she appreciated the overwhelming generosity of the public in responding to the appeal.

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However, despite its overwhelming majority of 122 out of 182 seats in the legislature, the party found governing more difficult than getting elected.
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Our analysis indicates that the overwhelming majority of attacks are the result of malformed input exploiting a software vulnerability of a network-attached process.
There may have been individual cases that arose out of different concerns, but the overwhelming majority were about trust.
The number of new sources coming online every year, and the number of changes to existing sources, is simply overwhelming.
Overwhelming our exstudents respond that it is the most stressful but important and educationally useful part of the course.
Overwhelming cross-cultural evidence suggests that the reduction or withdrawal of optimal care when child-rearing circumstances are unfavorable is a prominent feature of human evolutionary history.
For those wanting an amputation of a leg, the overwhelming majority (92 %) wanted an above-the-knee amputation (as opposed to below-the-knee).
The overwhelming reason for a failed interview in 2000 was the inability to locate and contact the respondent.
All but one of them found the concordance lines “slightly overwhelming” and “difficult to understand” (p. 245) because of their colloquial nature.
Nevertheless, anthropological evidence for costly sacrifice is overwhelming, even if many reports are anecdotal.
Although many information needs exist, receiving general information addressing numerous areas can often be overwhelming.
This absence of love, she argues, stems from an overwhelming obsession with the self, and from an excessive preoccupation with consumerism and material acquisition.
An overwhelming majority of the respondents agreed with the statement, ” my lifestyle here matches with my expectations of retirement lifestyle”.
At times the ” weight ” of evidence becomes, perhaps, too overwhelming for even the specialised reader easily to absorb.





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