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How to fix IDM errors & register with full version without serial keyIf you have arrived here searching,how to fix idm fake serial keypop up messagethen you have come to the right place. We, provide you aneasyway tofix‘fake serial number’orsolve ‘serial number has been blocked’message in yourIDM(Internet Download Manager). This method works onlatest Internet Download Manager (IDM 6.26 Build 8).

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So, get ready to get rid ofannoying message andsolve Fake Serial Key on IDMonWindows 7,Win8/8.1andWindows 10.

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This is the annoying message that will be shown when you try to download using IDM: ‘Internet Download manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number or the Serial Number has been blocked. Be aware that the cracked product may work incorrectly and download files with errors. Thus we advise you to purchase the full-featured product’.

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If you are ok with the time and again popup message of “Fake serial key” whenever you try to download files usingIDMthen its ok you can enjoy the full working version of IDM. But if it annoys you then here is aneasy fixfor you, just follow these steps:
Lot’s of other website claim to fix by using either of these following steps, but we recommend you to follow each and every method’s steps as below:
Browse to C:WindowsSystem32driversetcOpen hosts file with you favourite text editor. (you can use notepad too)Copy and paste this line of code: tonec.com127.0.0.1 http://www.tonec.com127.0.0.1 registeridm.com127.0.0.1 http://www.registeridm.com127.0.0.1 secure.registeridm.com127.0.0.1 internetdownloadmanager.com127.0.0.1 http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com127.0.0.1 secure.internetdownloadmanager.com127.0.0.1 mirror.internetdownloadmanager.com127.0.0.1 mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com127.0.0.1 mirror3.internetdownloadmanager.com
Browse to the IDM installed directory of you pc. (let’s assume its in C:Program Files Internet Download Manager)Now delete the file:IDMGrHlp.exeNow copyidmBroker.exe file and paste it in the same folder as the new filename will beidmBroker – Copy.exe.